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For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Fah, and I am the owner at Fah hair extensions. Like most woman out there I take pride in my appearance and my craft and have always found myself looking for the next best thing in beauty. Since this has been my thought process through my life, I decided to give back to other woman out there, who shared my love for beauty. I wanted to perfect my abilities in making all woman feel beautiful, not just myself.So, I looked for what woman really wished they had. My findings showed most woman wanted to have long and thick hair. I realized that I had found my calling in life! But this was not enough. I wanted to not only know about placement of the hair, but also find hair that made woman feelreal wearing it. I searched and tried out many brands and many different techniques to create my work of art. Since then I have done everything to keep up with the trends and build my business up, bringing in other stylists and having products readily available that ladies were interested in. I started in a basement and after hard work, I now have a beautiful clean white studio. I am proud to say, I am one of the best hair extension artists in Ontario. I have a proven track record of success and maintained my clients throughout the years and bringing clients from all over the world to create their hair master piece. I am married to my work and just like a marriage, I have made it one of my main priority in my life. It is not always easy, at times I do early mornings and late nights to fit my ladies in. Although I get tired, I keep pressing on. There has been so much laughter, many life time bonds made, and tears of happiness and gratitude from clients. This is why I do what I do every day, this is why I am married to my work. I do what I do each and every day to bring happiness to every single client that sits in my chair. Stay smiling ladies, and style up that long thick hair that is now yours!

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